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Graduate Student Paper Contest


The Society for Computational Economics is pleased to announce its annual contest for outstanding graduate student papers. We are soliciting student papers with a strong computational component, in any branch of economics, finance, and decision making, for the award of the SCE 2022 Student Prize. Awards will be presented during the plenary session on Saturday, June 18.


The recipient(s) of the student prize will receive a cash award and will be invited to the conference, according to the rules below:


1.  A paper is eligible for the prize if all of its authors are either students at the time of the conference or have completed their Ph.D. not earlier than November 1, 2021.

2.  Up to three finalists will be short-listed for the prize. The finalists will be invited to the conference and social events, with the conference registration fees waived. Their papers will be included in the conference program.

3.  Finalists must present their papers at the conference and attend the award ceremony. Not doing so eliminates them ipso facto.

4.  The student prize will be awarded to zero, one, two or three finalists:

one winner: 1500 euros
two winners: 1250 euros each
three winners: 1000 euros each

5.  The other finalists will each receive a certificate honoring their work and 750 euros.

6.  Prizes are per paper, and will be split equally between co-authors.

7.  All finalists agree to have their picture taken and used for publicity, if any, for future awards. Mention must be made of the student prize in any publication directly related to the paper they submitted.


Deadlines and contest entry procedures:


Papers and proof of eligibility must be submitted before February 28, 2022, by email to: studentcontest@comp-econ.org with cc: to cef2022@simplemeetings.com together with a 1/2 to 1-page supporting document explaining the paper's contribution to computational economics (e.g. methodological advance, exceptionally taxing computations, innovative use of existing software, ...). The papers should, whenever possible, explicitly describe the computational approaches and data used, and provide links to both.


The subject line of the email MUST be "CEF 2022 Student Contest". The paper and supporting document MUST be in .PDF format. The PDF file MUST be named "CEF2022_<family name of the corresponding author>" and the supporting document "CEF2022_SD_<family name of the corresponding author>". The text of the email MUST include:

  • The paper's title

  • The first and family name of the author(s)

  • The author(s) affiliation(s)

  • Email address of corresponding author

While this is not required, we strongly suggest that the contestants comply with all the conference requirements. This includes submitting an abstract to Oxford Abstracts by February 28, 2022 and registering to attend the conference by the stated deadlines. Those who become a contest finalist will be promptly and fully refunded for any paid registration fee. The finalists will be informed by email by the end of May, 2022.



Contest entry deadline of February 28, 2022 will be strictly enforced.


Quentin Batista, 2021 winner


Matthias Rottner, 2021 finalist


Ikuo Takei, 2021 finalist

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