Previous Kendrick Award Winners


The Society awarded the 2012 prize to Dr. Kenneth Judd. The prize is awarded to mark his many years of outstanding contributions. He is the Paul H. Bauer Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Ken has written in many areas, including public finance and most recently global climate change. In recent years, Ken's primary focus has been on bringing modern mathematical and computational methods to economics. His paper on projection methods has been very influential and he mibht be best known for his text "Numerical Methods in Economics" which is a standard reference.

Ken has also engaged in many other activities promoting computational economics. He was the founding president of the Society and hosted its third conference. He also co-edited both the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control the Handbook of Computational Economics: Agent-based Computational Economics. For the past eight years, a top priority of Ken has been the ICE (Initiative for Computational Economics) Summer Workshop at the University of Chicago. Thanks to Ken, more than 300 graduate students in economics received training in numerical methods.


In 2010, the SCE Advisory Council voted to name David Kendrick the first recipient. He is the Ralph W. Yarborough Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts, at the University of Texas, Austin. A prolific contributor to economics in general and computational macroeconomics in particular for more than 40 years, David has published more than 70 articles, contributed software, and authored or co-authored more than a dozen books. The Society chose to award him with the inaugural award due to his David's contributions to the development and proliferation of computational technique, including his dedication to the teaching computational economics to ever wider audiences of students, both graduate and undergraduate. A past president of the SCE, David has played a key role in the growth of the Society and, as with everything he does, has done so with the utmost grace.